Wellness Care

At Blue Oaks Veterinary Clinic and Willow Rock Pet Hospital, wellness care is our greatest passion. We will partner with you to individually tailor vaccinations, preventative care and diagnostics based on your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

Early preventative measures are critical to extending the quality time you have with your pet. Many health conditions can be slowed or corrected altogether if we detect them early with routine blood work and testing. This is why we’ve placed such a strong emphasis on upgrading our equipment and services to the best available. Including a full in-house Idexx laboratory station and on-site cytology testing capabilities, so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary for results. We also offer digital radiographs that are revied by board certified radiologists and Ultrasound technology.

Nothing gives us more professional satisfaction or personal joy than knowing we have made your pet more comfortable, have kept an acute situation from progressing, or have prevented suffering altogether.

Available Wellness Packages

Active Puppy Wellness Package

Puppy Wellness Package

Adult Canine Wellness Package

Active Adult Canine Wellness Package

Adult Feline Wellness Package

Kitten Wellness Package

Providing Comprehensive
Small Animal Veterinary Services

Our goal is to treat you and your pets as our family. We strive to provide high-quality medical care with state-of-the-art equipment for small animals, exotics, and avian species in Roseville, Rocklin, and the greater Sacramento area.

Quality and loving care for your pets.

We provide high-quality veterinary care with a focus on preventative care while keeping our patients a top priority.