Stress Free Veterinary Care

Every patient we see at our practices has a different background of experiences they draw from. In addition, each pet has a unique temperament and is motivated differently. We believe it’s our responsibility to accommodate for these personality traits and characteristics in every way possible.

Our team members are all trained in techniques that are clinically proven to reduce your pet’s stress during their time with us. From low voices, strategic posture, and keen screenings of non-verbal cues, we respond intuitively to your pet’s individual needs.

For cats, we offer tasty treats and opportunities to climb and hide inside the exam room. Our Blue Oaks Veterinary Clinic has a dedicated cat exam room with an attached quiet ward and treatment option. Every morning, we infuse cage towels with pheromones known to help cats relax.

For dogs, we have scrumptious treats, cheese whiz to lick, plenty of fun toys, and an endless supply of belly rubs.

We also work with pet owners to establish more stress-free techniques for transporting their pets to us, and in some cases, pre-appointment calming medication is best.

Whatever your pet needs, their emotional wellness is a priority for us

Research shows that diagnostic tests are more reliable when your pet is more relaxed too.

Quality and loving care for your pets.

We provide high-quality veterinary care with a focus on preventative care while keeping our patients a top priority.