Pet Euthanasia Consent Form

    Date of Birth: I hereby certify that I am the legal and rightful owner of the pet mentioned above. I authorize the veterinary clinic and all veterinarians, agents, staff, and representatives therein to euthanize and dispose of said animal. I release and hold harmless all agents, staff, and representatives from any liabilities that may arise from the euthanasia and disposal. I further swear and verify that the aforementioned animal has not scratched or bitten anyone in the last ten (10) days. If the animal has scratched or bitten anyone in the last ten days, the animal is required to have a rabies test before euthanasia takes place. I understand that the euthanasia process is used to painlessly put down animals. What needs to happen with the remains? I hereby accept full and total responsibility for the remains after the procedure. I have read up on all applicable laws concerning disposal of remains. I understand the laws and the inherent dangers of disposing of animals. Please sign here: